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Online Temporary Trading Platform

2016/17 water trading season will see WaterMart water trading platform open to any person or business that would like to register with WaterMart to trade. If you would like further information on the WaterMart temporary water trading platform or wish to register, please contact WaterMart on 0269544003 or

WaterMart provides users with a safe, simple, quick and competitively-priced means of buying and selling temporary water. A copy of WaterMart terms and conditions can be found here. All On-Market trades are administered by WaterMart. CICL are the regulating authority to approve CIA transfers. As a broker WaterMart receives a commission (flat fee). A copy of the temporary trade fees and charges are available below.

Please click on the WaterMart logo below to access the new online trading platform


On-Market Water Trading via WaterMart

The WaterMart platform provides register users with ability to trade temporary water in the Southern Connect Basin.


If you have previously used other brokers, you might like to consider registering again at WaterMart so that the commission supports your co-operative and reduces overall water charges. If you have any questions regarding the use of the online services please contact WaterMart on 02 6954 4003 or


Off-Market Water Trading via other brokers or between your licences

All Off-Market trades will be handled by CICL Water Trading Officers.

If you use a broker other than WaterMart or would like to trade bewtween your CICL licence and another licence, you need to complete the appropriate CICL form and WaterNSW form. If you have any questions on how to facilitate an off-market trade, please contact a CICL Water Trading Officers on 02 6954 4003.

The rules and forms applicable to all water trades (on or off market) are avaliable below. 

Temporary Water Trading Forms

Temporary Water Trading Rules

Temporary Water Trading Fees