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 Water Allocation

 Allocation for Current Season 2018/2019 - 1 July, 2018 to 30 June, 2019


Announced Allocation

CICL Member Benefit

Total Available (not incl. carryover from 18/19)

General Security


High Security



Allocation Announcements are made by the DPI Water on the 1st and 15th of each month.

NOTE: All water users in the Murrumbidgee valley cannot use more than 100 per cent of their licensed entitlement in any water year. This includes allocation, carry-over and any water diverted from supplementary flows. The only exceptions to this are if licensed users have specific supplementary flow licences or buy additional water on the market.

Important Water Trading dates to note 2018/19 season

-          General security inter-state trades closing date of  30 April 2019

-          Intra-valley trades within Murrumbidgee Valley and inter-valley trades within NSW close on 31 May 2019

-          All temporary trading within the CICL licence closes 12 noon on Friday 31 May 2019

All water users are reminded that the water sharing plan for the Murrumbidgee Regulated River water source rules apply from 1 July 2012.

Temporary Water Trading - CLOSED

DPI Water Media Release: New procedures deliver improved information for Murrumbudgee inter-valley

The new arrangements will see daily updates relating to the current account balance and opening or closing triggers, which will be available through the WaterNSW website at Website updates will be made daily at 9.00am.

DPI Water - New Murrumbidgee Inter-Valley Procedures Feb 16.pdf

Supplementary Water - CLOSE

Carryover into 2017/2018 -As at the 31 January 2011, the NSW Office of Water announced the statutory water sharing plans would recommence as from 1 July 2011. This includes the Murrumbidgee Water Sharing Plan.

Under the Water Sharing Plan, General Security Carryover will be 30% and High Security Carryover will be 0% of your total water entiltlement.

Trade Rules will also resume under the Water Sharing Plan.

A copy of the Murrumbidgee Water Sharing Plan can be accessed via the link below:

DPI Water Allocation Summary

Dam Levels

To view the current dam levels, water releases and other related information and statistics, please follow the links below:

Blowering Dam

Burrinjuck Dam