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CICL Network Service Plan, (NSP), 2012-2017 - Additional Information
The following information is provided to assist members to better understand aspects of CICL’s NSP:
Planning Assumptions:
  • CPI (inflation) factor - 3% p.a.
  • Salary Increases - 4% in 2012-2013 and 3% (CPI) in each successive year
  • Interest on cash & term deposits – 5% p.a.
  • Interest on & revaluation of longer term investments – 8% p.a.
  • Income tax – 30%
Revenue by Source
The revised figures immediately below vary from those on page 15 in the NSP and reflect the pricing decisions taken by the CICL Board after the NSP was provided to the ACCC and customers.

Water Income
Fixed Charges
Usage Charges
Miscellaneous Water Charges
$   959,000
Additional Water Revenues
$              0
Termination Fees
$              0
Total Water Income
Cost Of Sales (Bulk Charges)
Fixed External Bulk Charges
Variable External Bulk Charges
CIMCL Levy Income
- $1,291,000
CIMCL Levy Expenditure
Other External Charges
$            60
Total Cost of Sale Bulk Charges)
Total Gross Water Income

PIIOP Accounting
  • SP1 (Clay Lining): This work will be fully expensed against the full funding provided under PIIOP and because the work is in effect R&M (repairs and maintenance), there will be no capitalisation.
  • SP3 (TCC for Kerarbury): CICL’s involvement in this project is limited to that of being a contractor.
  • SP4 (TCC for WCC): Once these works have been completed, the related assets will be taken to account and depreciated over 40 years. 
  • SP 6 (In-line storage): Once this asset has been created, the dam will depreciated over 200 years and the pumping station over 40 years.
  • SP 7 (Meter Replacement): Once installed, the meters will be depreciated over 40 years.


Deloitte Aurecon review of CICL_NSP_FINAL Summary Report_September 2012.pdf

Deloitte Aurecon review of CICL NSP_FINAL_September 2012.pdf


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NSP - Letter with Consultation Document - 23 Mar 12.pdf

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