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Water Allocation: 2018/2019


General Security: 5%

CICL Member Benefit: 10%

High Security: 95%



Welcome to Coleambally Irrigation

Coleambally Irrigation Co-operative Limited (CICL) is wholly owned by its farmer members and is Australia's fourth largest irrigation company.  CICL delivers irrigation water across an area of approximately 400,000ha of which only 79,000ha is intensively irrigated. The Co-operative's irrigation delivery system relies solely on gravity across 518 km of supply channels and 734 km of drainage. Delivery is managed via a Total Channel Control (TCC) system which is solar powered and fully computerised. It also uses broadband communications. TCC allows for water orders to be satisfied within 2 hours: precise regulation of flows: precise measurement and the automation of water ordering and water accounting. This world-class technology is Australian designed, Australian built and Australian owned.

The Coleambally Irrigation District (CID) is located in the Riverina, south of Griffith and between Darlington Point and Jerilderie. The district encompasses 491 irrigation farms which are typically 200ha in size. These farms employ very sophisticated layouts and recycling systems to ensure a high level of water efficiency. The major crops produced are rice, wheat, corn, cotton, barley, soy beans and canola. A variety of fruit and vegetables are also grown.

The town of Coleambally is one of New South Wales newest towns. It was established in 1968 for the sole purpose of supporting those who were first encouraged by the New South Wales government to establish irrigated agriculture in the area. Coleambally remains very much a pioneer community.

The irrigation industry is highly regulated and CICL is bound by both federal and state regulation. The Co-operative works closely with the local community to protect local biodiversity and manages 1700ha of crown land in its own right to protect both flora and fauna. Species which are highly endangered elsewhere thrive in the local area e.g. Southern Bell Frog, Superb Parrot, Bittern.

Coleambally Irrigation- A clever company with clever farmers working in close collaboration with the community and the environment